Adapted Living Aids and Home Health Care Aids for Your Comfort…

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MediBeads Standard Pad
Price: 22.99
Designed to deliver a moist heat treatment when it’s convenient to just lie back in bed or sit in a comfortable chair. The size works well for treating shoulders, lower back, and abdomen. This size also gets the bed cozy and warm on winter nights. 9 x 12
MediBeads King Pad
Price: 32.95
Designed to treat larger areas such as the legs, upper back, or full abdominal area. The larger size drapes easily, assuring complete conformity to the body area being treated. 12 x 16 inches.
MediBeads Neck Rest
Price: 25.95
Designed to relieve tight, sore muscles resulting from stress, tension, and prolonged static activities. Deeply penetrating heat helps restore muscles to a relaxed and natural healthy state. 14 x 10 inches.
MediBeads Sinus Wrap
Price: 14.99
Designed for the facial area. It is ideal for relief of sinus pressure, headaches, migraines, TMJ, Dry Eye Syndrome, fatigue, and stress. 7 x 11 inches.
MediBeads Neck Wrap
Price: 27.99
Designed with an elongated area in the back to comfortably drape around the neck to reach the lower neck muscles. Helps prevent and treat pain, tension, and stress. 8 x 22 inches plus ties.
MediBeads Therapy Wrap
Price: 27.99
Designed to allow freedom of motion while applied. The easy to use ties allow for application to the back, abdomen, or shoulder. 7 x 14 inches. Fits up to 60 inches.
MediBeads Hand Wrap
Price: 15.99
Designed to surround the hand or other small joints. Special stretch material is ideal for range of motion exercises. Helps prevent and treat pain caused by Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis, and Arthritis. Place wrap in freezer for soothing cold treatme
MediBeads Joint Wrap
Price: 22.99
Designed to surround the larger joints. Special stretch material permits easy application. This wrap can be worn during strengthening and range of motion exercises. Place wrap in freezer for soothing cold treatment. 6 x 8 inches.
TheraBeads Moist Heat Collar
Price: 29.95
6 1/2 x 22 inch has velcro closure and is contoured for neck, shoulders, elbows, or knees.
Therabeads Moist Heat Neck Rest
Price: 25.95
13 x 10 inch size is specially contoured to distribute moist heat evenly to neck and shoulder muscles.
Crescent Pillow Mate
Price: 14.95
Cervical pillow gently cradles the neck.
ThumbSaver MP
Price: 54.95
Stabilizes the thumb MP joint in neutral.
Action ThumbSling
Price: 39.95
Flexible thumb wrap for CMC joint arthritis.
Action Wrist Wrap
Price: 29.95
Provides wrist control without impeding hand function.
Rolyan Wrap-On Thumb Support
Price: 39.95
Neoprene thumb wrap.
Thermoskin Arthritis Elbow Wrap
Price: 29.95
Thermoskin Arthritis Shoulder Wrap
Price: 75.95
Thermoskin Arthritis Knee Wrap
Price: 29.95
Thermoskin Carpal Tunnel Glove
Price: 29.95
Thermoskin Arthritis Wrist Wrap
Price: 15.95
Soft wrap around wrist support.
Thermoskin Flexible Thumb Splint
Price: 29.95
Wrap around design with rigid support.
Thermoskin Arthritis Wrist and Hand Wrap
Price: 26.95
Soft wrap around style.
Thermoskin Arthritis Ankle Wrap
Price: 32.95
Action Polymer Heel and Elbow Pads 1/2 inch
Price: 89.95
Action Polymer Heel and Elbow Pads 1/4 inch
Price: 79.95