Adaptive Daily Living Aids in the Kitchen…

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Spoon and Fork Holders
Price: 5.95
Built up handle improves grip.
Easy Opener
Price: 5.95
Great tool for arthritis hands!
Jar Opener
Price: 5.95
Helps weak hands turn jar lids easily!
Plastic Handle Mug
Price: 7.95
New item!
Rocking T Knife with Case
Price: 23.90
Unique knife makes cutting easier.
Veggie and Fruit Holder
Price: 12.95
One handed peeling made easy!
Melaware Fork
Price: 9.95
Melaware Knife
Price: 9.95
The Melaware Knife blade will cut with both slicing and rocking motions.
Melaware Left Hand Spoon
Price: 9.95
Melaware Right Hand Spoon
Price: 9.95
Amefa L Knife
Price: 19.95
Serrated knife blade is curved for rocking action.
Amefa Left Hand Fork
Price: 15.95
Fork and spoon angled for left or right hand.
Amefa Left Hand Spoon
Price: 15.95
Amefa Right Hand Fork
Price: 15.95
Built up plastic curved handles that fit comfortably in the hand.
Amefa Right Hand Spoon
Price: 15.95
Small Oval Scoop Dish
Price: 8.95
Melaware Cup
Price: 9.95
Unique design base
Easi-Grip Bread Knife
Price: 11.95
Sharp blade and contoured handle helps in easy cutting and handling. Easi-Grip Bread Knife has an 8 inch long x 1 inch wide serrated blade.
Easi-Grip Carving Fork
Price: 11.95
Easily pierces many meats and aids in holding food while cutting. Easi-Grip Carving Fork measures 5 3/4 inches long.
Easi-Grip Carving Knife
Price: 11.95
Easily slices through many varieties of meats. Easi-Grip Carving Knife has an 8 inch long x 1 inch wide smooth edge blade.
Easi-Grip Cheese Slicer
Price: 11.95
Large built up handle allows for cheese to be on hard surface for easier slicing. Measures 5 inches long x 2 inches wide.
Easi-Grip Forked Knife
Price: 11.95
Forked end aids in holding food. Easi-Grip Forked Knife has a 6 inch curved blade.
Easi-Grip Grater
Price: 11.95
Large built up handle allows for more pressure to be applied while grating. Measures 5 inches long x 2 1/4 inches wide.
Easi-Grip Spatula
Price: 11.95
Large built up handle for a comfortable grip and keeps hand elevated from cooking surfaces. Easi-Grip Spatula is 8 inches long x 2 1/2 inches wide.
Arthro Thumbs Up Cup
Price: 15.95
Allows for finger joints to be used to their greatest mechanical advantage.