Our Pets and Animals are not an Exception, they also need to get detoxified.

Each year, the levels of toxins threatening our health and that of our pets is increasing at an alarming rate.  These toxins are found in our environment, commercial products and food and they make their way into our body as well as that of our pets.  They affect the entire body but we need to be careful when the immune, endocrine and nervous systems are getting compromised.  Once this happens, it gets difficult if not impossible to maintain a state of well being.

What are the effects of body toxicity?
The feeling of depression, cravings, weakness, weight gain, poor recovery…these are some of the first symptoms that will make your everyday life complicated. Major problems include almost all degenerative diseases, cancer, premature aging and compromised immune systems.

Where are these toxins coming from?

The body starts to accumulate toxins from its inception, in uterus and then cotinues to absorb them through the mother’s milk.

Food and water are major sources.  We all know about the human and pet food recalls being made more often than we would like to hear.  Even if we use organically grown foods, we are not completely safe as they get polluted through the water and rain.  Some studies have found heavy metals in some fancy high quality canned pet food and unaccptable high levels of aluminum in many pet foods.  Around 260 contaminants were detected in public water supplies in 42 states!  140 of those contaminants were unregulated chemicals.  This is scary.

Another source is the air we breathe.  Billions of chemicals are put into the air every year.  They come from pesticides, fumes from automobiles and factories, mercury from coal-fired power plants, jets.  Surprisingly, and according to the EPA, our indoor air is believed to be 10 times more polluted than our outdoor air.  How is it possible?  It is contaminated with off-gassing flame-retardants, paints, carpeting, building materials…
And your pet is breathing and licking these toxins through household dust.

Some fly sprays are toxic as they contain pesticides.  Some shampoos or grooming products may contain sodium laurel sulfate and other ingredients that are absorbed through the skin into the animals internal system, or as they clean themselves.

Some vaccines may contain heavy metals such as aluminum or mercury or carcinogenic formaldehyde.  Phthalate esters are used in plastics and they could be found in pet dishes, animal toys, feed buckets and in the coating of canned foods.

So how can you help your pets or animals detoxify safely?

I am pleased to introduced to you  Vivo Naturals LLC which can help you help your loving pets and animals get detoxified and address these problems specifically.  These are human grade products made with organic, non-GMO or wild crafted ingredients wherever possible.