Treating breast cancer naturally

NOTE: The natural remedies specified in this article should be used as a supplemental treatment, they do a great job of giving your immune system the much-needed boost required to kill off some cancerous tissues, but they should NOT be used on their own. Order Nolvadex or stick to any other course of treatment underlined by your MD.

There exist various alternative treatments for breast cancer and they include:

#1. Special diet.

Opinions vary on which type of diet should be used. Some research shows that the Ketogenic Diet delays the development of tumors and prevents cell mutations from occurring, therefore increasing survival rates by more than 50%.

Other research shows that you should away high-fat, smoked, and pickled foods while doubling down on vegetables and fruits, which is against the rules set for a Keto diet. The biggest takeaway is that you should definitely watch what you eat, but before changing your diet, you need to have a conversation with your MD to work out which nutrition plan works best for you.

#2. Antioxidants.

They lower the risks of breast cancer by aiding your body to protect itself from the damage caused by free radicals.

#3. Gerson Therapy Juice.

There exist various types of juicing, but Gerson Therapy is the most effective, according to the data. It inundates your body with powerful antioxidants (even more effective compared to taking them as supplements, as specified in #2).

#4. Massage therapy and acupuncture.

Massage is known to alleviate stress, pain, and tiredness. It can definitely help with the pain experienced by women suffering from breast cancer at the very least. It also helps in the production of protective white blood cells in females with stage-one and stage-two cancer.

Acupuncture may not help everyone on its own, but in conjunction with massage therapy, it can yield some amazing results.

#5. Sunlight and Vitamin D3.

People with fair skin should get at least 25-35 minutes of sun exposure and people with darker complexion should get at least 60-120 minutes.